Alix Brunet

"I am inspired by the opportunity to support founders on their growth journey as they transform their fields and positively impact their clients."

What strengths do you bring to the companies you partner with?

My experience investing in and supporting early to growth-stage Fintech and enterprise SaaS businesses in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US, has enabled me to contribute to decisions ranging from product development, go-to-market strategy, geographic expansion, and acquisitions. I drove assessments and commercial engagements in an enterprise environment, and partnered with business leads in areas such as payments, AML, data analytics and sustainability. My career started in investment banking, asset management and insurance. These experiences have provided me with robust industry knowledge and a network spanning across financial segments, which I bring to the companies we partner with.

Which tech trends are you most excited about?

The transition to a Net Zero economy creates unique opportunities. Financial institutions and corporates require dedicated carbon and climate risk assessment and management tools to reduce their footprint and exposure.

Financial services infrastructure transformation is accelerating. The shift to core platforms with API-based architecture, real-time data and open banking enables hyper-personalised offerings across channels. I am particularly interested in financial and payments infrastructure for business and e-commerce.

Recent events highlight the vulnerability of global supply chains. Advanced procurement, supplier and asset management tools and tailored financial solutions are key differentiators.

Organisations are facing cyber threats in an increasingly exposed and complex environment. Data discovery and monitoring, asset mapping, vulnerability screening and identity and access management are crucial tools.

What inspires you about venture capital?

I am inspired by the opportunity to support founders on their growth journey as they transform their fields and positively impact their clients and ecosystem.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, where can we find you and what are you up to?

I love being outdoors and exploring new places. I can typically be found hiking with my husky, horse riding or kayaking before meeting friends for dinner.


In her role as Principal, Alix focuses on Fintech and enterprise SaaS investments, primarily across Europe. Prior to joining MMV, Alix was a VP at Citi Ventures, responsible for sourcing and executing venture investments in Fintech, enterprise and climate SaaS in Europe. Alix was previously at Finch Capital, where she invested in early-stage Fintech start-ups in Europe and Southeast Asia. She also held positions in investment banking at Citi in London, impact investing with Acumen Fund in West Africa, and with Schroders and Integro Insurance Brokers. Alix holds a master’s in finance from London Business School and a master’s degree from Ecole Nationale d’Assurances in Paris.

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