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We partner with founders solving climate problems in historically underfunded markets and seek to generate competitive investment returns.

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MMV Climate Tech invests in companies across the US and Canada.


The MMV Climate Technology Fund invests in companies we believe will deliver strong investment returns and climate solutions. We invest in software and hardware companies that measure, mitigate, and manage the impact of climate change. The Fund’s core focus is on historically undercapitalized markets where we bring our individual and firm capabilities to help founders grow exceptional businesses.


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We look for companies leveraging big data and advanced analytics to create climate solutions for financial institutions and corporations. We are evaluating opportunities related to climate data management, carbon markets, digital MRV solutions, climate-related insurance products, sustainable asset management, and GHG emissions reporting.

We focus on companies that are decarbonizing the built environment and related infrastructure. We are engaging with startups that help real estate developers, owners, operators, and the communities they serve reduce their environmental impact and increase their climate resilience. Our focus areas include HVAC innovation, windows and building materials, energy efficiency solutions, waste reduction, and water and air purification systems.

We invest in companies that are decarbonizing the power system and electrifying energy demand. We are connecting with startups that help developers accelerate the siting, financing, permitting, and interconnection of renewables, storage, and other clean power assets. We also focus on digital and financial services that optimize clean power production or support demand-side electrification.


The MMV Climate Technology Fund is an early-stage investor with a focus on Series A and B investments. We seek to develop long-term relationships with founders and welcome introductions to seed stage companies. We make initial investments of $2 - $5 million that represent a meaningful ownership position. We are patient investors with significant capacity for follow-on financing and access to later-stage capital.


End-to-end, assuming data access and availability of your team, our diligence process usually takes 4 - 6 weeks. We start with an initial meeting or call. If we seem like a mutual fit, we typically request:

Product demo and roadmap (deep dive with product lead)
Historic and projected financials (walk through with CFO/finance lead)
Customer calls and sample contracts
Licensing and regulatory approvals (if relevant)
GTM strategy and sales pipeline (deep dive with sales lead)
Meetings with other key team members
Cap table and funding history