Fraudsters are winning today. They are sophisticated and adept at exposing new vulnerabilities introduced by the digital economy. Faced with these threats, identity verification is increasingly important for financial institutions and even those in the gaming, social media and cryptocurrency sectors. Outdated modes of verification and knowledge-based processes have created complex layers that make it difficult to work with and innovate. However, new technology has given organizations, large and small, the opportunity to implement digital identity verification solutions into their customer experience. Ultimately, this can reduce fraud and account opening abandonment, while making smart use of data to remove friction from the customer experience and provide a secure and reliable environment.

On October 20 at 2pm EST, join Samantha Santaniello, MMV’s Head of Platform, along with Robert Waterman, Head of Fraud Operations, Controls & Business Intelligence at MassMutual, Mary Ann Miller, VP of Client Experience at Prove, and Ed Jaworski, Vice President of Business Development at Verisk, as they discuss trends in identity verification. They’ll cover the rising expectations for digital customer onboarding, how incumbents can leverage digital to ward off inefficiency in an era where consumers are increasingly shifting from being digital-first to digital-only, and what solutions can provide the best possible customer experience while enhancing the speed, security and cost-effectiveness of the onboarding process.