In the U.S., student-loan debt has surpassed $1.5 trillion, nearly tripling from ten years ago and becoming the largest form of debt after mortgages. Such a burden has a detrimental effect on the economy as people prioritize how they will spend their money. One of the biggest shifts in employees’ financial priorities has been away from saving for retirement, buying a home, or paying health insurance, and toward paying off student loans. With such widespread impact, employers can help their employees by offering student loan and tuition reimbursement programs. Financial stress has been proven to harm workplace productivity, and by offering this benefit, employees are better able to meet their personal financial goals. In addition, student loan and tuition reimbursement programs provide an attractive way to recruit and retain new hires and upskill and advance existing employees in their careers.

Join Samantha Santaniello of MassMutual Ventures on March 25th at 2pm EST in this virtual conversation with Scott Thompson, CEO of, Todd Schmiedeler, Chief Engagement & Innovation Officer at Trilogy Health Services, LLC, and Scott Knowles, Sr. Manager, Global Benefits at Cisco to discuss how tuition and student loan reimbursement works, what the benefits are, and what considerations to think about when establishing your company’s program.