The prevalence of cyberattacks has proliferated mainstream news cycles over the past year, and the number of workforce identities in the enterprise is growing at lightning speed, which has resulted in renewed attention on identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Driven by a mix of forces – digital transformation, a dynamic workforce, the adoption of cloud to mobile devices and IOT, and new ongoing data privacy requirements – this explosive growth in identities brings with it an increased risk of identity-related breaches, and an elevated consciousness around protecting our most valuable assets: our identities. These breaches can occur on many fronts — phishing attacks, social engineering schemes, malware, inexperienced remote workforce and even from disgruntled insiders – resulting in significant financial damage, ransomware attacks and reputational impacts. As the new year begins with a renewed focus, IAM remains a core element as we enter an era of digital trust where protecting the new perimeter, our people, is critical.

On January 20 at 2pm ET, join Samantha Santaniello, MMV’s Head of Platform, along with Jackie Grochowalski, Head of Identity Access & Management and Security Engineering at MassMutual, David Pignolet, the CEO of SecZetta, Asif Hafiz, Executive Director, Identity, Access Management and Domain Services at AdventHealth, and Matt Hajda, Enterprise Security Architect, IAM at Dell, as they discuss various aspects of improving the security of an organization through identity-defined security. They’ll cover why an IAM solution is necessary, what key capabilities your IAM practice should include, when passwordless authentication will progress from hype to adoption, and what the future looks like for IAM.

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