For more than a generation, America has experimented with ways of providing down payment programs (DPP) to homebuyers. A growing push to close the homeownership gap has brought DPP back to the fore as a way to increase homeownership for people from all walks of life – including essential professionals in education, healthcare and government. Homeownership is a major contributor to the overall financial well-being, security, and stability of many American employees. Today, the need for employer support is greater than ever, as skyrocketing home prices have made it significantly harder for essential professionals to afford homes in the areas they serve.

On February 16 at 2pm ET, join Samantha Santaniello, MMV’s Head of Platform, along with Alex Lofton, President and Co-Founder of Landed, Andrew Senior, Head of East Coast Partnerships at Landed, Cari Fabale, Executive Director of Human Resources at Lynn Public Schools in Massachusetts, and Emilee Christopher, Chief Talent Officer at Public Prep Network in New York, as they discuss how Landed’s down payment program is being leveraged as a tool to attract and retain talent to critical roles in our society.

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